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about us


The Nikaloe Group has been established for developing the Aloe Vera plant and its products at competitive prices around the world.
This plant, which is a tropical plant, has miraculous medicinal properties and has long been of human interest. Learn more about us, at follow.

Do you know about us?

Today, there are many companies that produce cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and herbs using an aloe vera gel.
We provide Aloe Vera leaves, gels, and other products in bulk for these factories as well as traders.
By identifying appropriate planting sites and special tricks, the group can control costs and lower prices.

Our products are %100 organic and lack any chemicals and other additives.
We are able to export a wide range of Aloe Vera products throughout the world.
and deliver it to any point in the world that the customer wants to.

Nik means fine, nice, or good. We have chosen this name so that our behavior with humans and nature is based on it.
customer rights and respecting nature is our commitment.