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Most aloe vera gel raw material suppliers have announced their product price list for 2020.
You can easily understand that the price of Aloe Vera raw materials has changed compared to 2019 by looking at these lists.
Most prices are lower than last year.
This is due to the increase in the number of manufacturers and the supply of these products compared to previous years.
However, given the growing market for aloe vera and the increasing demand, it is likely that these prices will rise again. And this is normal.


What are Aloe Vera and its uses

If you are unsure of what is Aloe Vera and its uses we suggest reading this brief article.
Aloe Vera is a native tropical plant of the Asphodelaceae family.
Of course, most people mistakenly think of it as a grandson of cactus, which is wrong. The gel inside the leaves of this plant is the most usable part of it.
Of course, in addition to the gel, the leaf and latex skin is also used between the skin and the gel.
Latex Aloe Vera contains a substance called Alvin that has medicinal uses.
Manufacturers use the Aloe Vera gel in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries to produce many products.
Among the most commonly used products are:

  • Using Aloe Vera in the food industry such as beverages, compotes, jams, pickles, and desserts
  • Cosmetics such as all types of skin and hair care products, cosmetics, lotions, creams, gels, toothpaste, shampoos, soaps and so on.
  • Medicinal products such as gels for the treatment of burns and skin problems, Blood sugar control drugs, treatment of gastrointestinal problems, etc.

Chemical Analysis of Aloe Vera

It is important to know the chemical analysis of Aloe Vera before buying it.
Especially for companies who buy in bulk cosmetic ingredients as important as pharmaceutical companies.
Because they use very precise formulations for the production of finished products, they cannot maintain the quality of their products if they are not aware of their analysis.
For example, cosmetics manufacturers are looking for cosmetic grade materials.
Food manufacturers are looking for food-grade materials.
Because although the base of both of these products is Aloe Vera gel, for example, their preservatives are different. Obviously, the type of preservative for Aloe Vera juice is different from cosmetic extracts.

Of course, a manufacturer should pay attention to the analysis of the raw material itself, in addition to the additives.
The amount of active ingredients and especially the amount of aloin in the gel is important.
High levels of aloin in food products can cause gastrointestinal problems. While it may be better in cosmetic products’ raw materials, it is high.
However, before buying the raw material, make sure to sample it from an Aloe Vera gel raw material supplier and analyze it.


Aloe Vera Gel making process

Most of the manufacturing process of Aloe Vera gel is done manually.
Aloe Vera leaves are transferred to the factory for washing after harvest.
In this section, the leaves are washed with water using a special detergent. This part can be automatic or manual.
In both cases, the leaves are first immersed in a particular pond.
At this point, two things happen.
One is soaking and disinfecting the leaves and the other is removing the last latex droplets.
Latex contains Aloe Vera material and should not remain in Aloe Vera gel.
After this step, the leaves become dehydrated and ready to be sent to the Aloe Vera extraction process.
In the extraction section, skilled workers remove the bark and remove the fillet inside the leaves.
The fillets are then sent to the appropriate area for gel or pulp preparation.
If you would like more information, search and download “Aloe Vera extraction method pdf flies” or “Aloe Vera gel preparation pdf flies ” or similar terms.


Aloe Vera based cosmetic ingredients

Aloe Vera based ingredients are the most popular ingredients in cosmetics.
Aloe Vera has numerous properties that have a positive effect on the treatment of a variety of physical problems.
For this reason, Aloe Vera based botanical skincare and cosmetics, are very popular.
There are many countries involved in the production of organic beauty products. One of the leading countries is Canada.
Of course, planting and growing Aloe Vera in this country are not affordable and Canadian companies buy wholesale cosmetic ingredients in tropical countries.

Aloe Vera price

Aloe Vera price

Aloe Vera price varies from country to country.
Each company applies its own methods of pricing its products, which are directly related to the country of origin, the amount of company capital, production costs, and so on.
If you are also planning on producing Aloe Vera products, we recommend reading a few Aloe Vera processing plant project reports before proceeding.
Then do thorough research on the market for these products.
And consult with providers like wholesale skincare products suppliers.

Nikaloe Trading Group announced its 2020 price list as an Aloe Vera gel raw material supplier.
You can request a quote by posting your order details.

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