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Limited time for the low Aloe Vera export price

If you trade Aloe Vera, do not miss this opportunity for a profitable deal. Our company plans to supply Aloe Vera products at very low prices for a limited time, due to the fact that we are developing our farms. Read the terms of this discount below.


The reason for the decline of Aloe Vera export Price

The price of Aloe Vera products on the global markets is clear, and you can get these prices easily. Each manufacturer declares its price based on its product quality. Although, product quality is not the only determining parameter of its price. And there are many factors in determining the Aloe Vera price. A successful businessman always looks for a low price and high quality. So we have made it possible for you. What we do is reducing our prices for a limited time. Note that this period is limited, and it’s just because of the development of our new farms. Obviously, after this time the price of the product will increase to the original one. We encourage all traders and Aloe Vera business not to miss this opportunity


The validity of this discount

This discount’s validity expires in October 2019. And includes companies that contact us before this date and finalize their order. Therefore, it does not include companies who are just asking for prices.

Since a major deal is time-consuming and it may take several months after reporting the price till concluding the contract, we suggest contacting us right now. We will investigate and respond to you as soon as possible.


Discounted Prices

New prices are displayed on sidebar of this page. These prices are based on FOB terms. If you have different requirements, you can share it with us so we can calculate and announce it. We can supply our products like Aloe Vera juice, gel, leaf, powder… with other incoterms. Obviously, prices will change in different conditions, but you will be still assured that our price will be the lowest all over the world.


The quality of our products

The low Aloe Vera export price often causes quality to be questioned. We guarantee the quality of our products. We have lowered prices because we raised the cultivation area. And we have been able to reduce costs.You can request free samples, to ensure the quality of our products.

You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
Sales Manager: Jalal Alizadeh
Contact Us:
Whatsapp: +989143140514
Email: info@herbaloevera.com
Email: sales@herbalovera.com

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