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Real Aloe Vera price per kg

We update the Aloe Vera price per kg on the sidebar at this site. Knowing the real Aloe Vera market value is necessary for those who work in this field. You know the price of Aloe Vera products that are announced on some B2B sites are often false. And it is only to attract customers’ attention.


Aloe Vera world market demand

Pure Aloe Vera has countless benefits in terms of food, medicine, beauty and the personal care industry that expands its market presence in the world.And with the public awareness of the side effects of chemical drugs, the demand for such products becomes more and more these days.

Aloe Vera extract is expected to increase from around $ 1,500 million in 2015 to $ 2,300 million by 2021 in the global market.

The Aloe Vera World Market is divided into 5 categories, on the basis of the Aloe Vera product type:

Given the benefits of Aloe Vera in skin care, the cosmetic industry is expected to have the largest share of the world market in Aloe Aera extracts. By increasing the use of natural and organic ingredients in food products, the second-largest Aloe Vera global market share is expected for the food industries.


Aloe Vera’s supply in the global market

“ aloe vera leaf near me” is a phrase that is searched a lot in the google. But it should be noted, Aloe Vera is offered on the world market by different countries. Obviously, the climatic and economic conditions in different countries make the price and quality of this product different. Export volumes are different in different countries.

China is one of the largest exporters supplying Aloe Vera worth $ 791 million. India, $ 254 million, the United States, $ 234 million, Germany $ 212 million, Spain $ 145 million, Italy $ 80 million, as well as other countries operating in this field with lower figures.


Aloe Vera Prices Per Ton in Different Countries

Different countries offer this product at different prices. For example, Aloe Vera export price in the Netherlands costs an average of $ 2,886 per ton. Germany sells $ 1767 per ton, China sells $ 33,000 per ton. But the price in India is cheap, roughly $ 16,700. Differences in prices are due to product quality. Note that these prices are approximate and purely for comparison and are not accurate statistics.

Our updated prices are available on the sidebar.

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